FEMA Coffins

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as many people know, is the emergency response organization for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  In fact, there has been some sort of FEMA organization at the federal level for the past 200 years.  For instance, President Abraham Lincoln ordered a FEMA like group of doctors, nurses and soldiers to create coffins and special camps to take care of the massive numbers of Union and Confederate troops that were littered on Civil War battle fields.

Flash forward to 2013, and today’s version of FEMA is doing likewise by creating FEMA coffins, FEMA camps, FEMA death camps, FEMA trains to carry the dead and infected, and even FEMA concentration camps to hold the infected after a nuclear or chemical warfare attack.

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In brief, there is a plan to dispose of human remains after an attack that produces “infected corpses,” states a FEMA contingency plan that has been publically shared and discussed in various town hall meetings when FEMA officials have briefed local emergency response teams about how it will all go down if “it goes to hell in a hand basket.”

There are real concerns in America today that FEMA is not being forthcoming when it comes to the so-called FEMA coffin truth and FEMA detention camps.  According to the congressional testimony given last year by the FEMA director, W. Craig Fugate, if there is a conspiracy going on within FEMA, it is classified information under Homeland Security mandates.  While Fugate would not directly respond to questions from members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives about such things as FEMA building death camps or having the agency stock pile coffins, FEMA did just that after 9/11.

In turn, the agency is forbidden by law to state that it created FEMA death camps FEMA trains to both control and carry captured terrorists and those infected as part of an overall plan to protect national security.  Because FEMA’s main purpose is to deal with the nation’s response to a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, the common sense view from both trained firemen and other emergency responders is, yes, coffins are needed to bury the dead.  Also, it is a common practice — during wartime — to create holding camps or even concentration camps to both contain captured enemies and to control the spread of disease by those who are infected by chemical agents.  In general, there are regulations that prevent FEMA from disclosing anything they do to prepare for contingency situations.

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According to American history high school history text books — commonly used today in most schools across the country – one of the first things the U.S. government produced after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was to build concentration camps to contain Japanese Americans that were suspected of being a threat to the security of the country.  In hindsight, government officials say these camps were wrong and terrible.  However, they claim it is part of the reality of war.

Moreover, there is a view that America “can’t handle the truth,” asserted a government official during an interview about the U.S. controlled internment camps during World War II.  The official went on to explain — during a public broadcasting “Frontline” TV program from 2012 — that FEMA’s role is to more or less “clean up the mess” after a disaster.  Thus, cleaning up the means could mean disposing of dead bodies with coffins readily available.  Also, it is now public record that FEMA often ships coffins to areas where natural disasters have occurred.

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For instance, it was back in early October 2012 that local TV news cameras photographed huge trucks caring hundreds of coffins along Highway 85 outside of Elberton, GA.

FEMA is not at liberty — under Homeland Security regulations — to either confirm or deny that the coffins were shipped, or if special camps are being built to house people who may be terrorists or infected with disease and toxins that could spread to the general public.

A FEMA official told the PBS “Frontline” TV program that this is how it will go when a disaster strikes:

- FEMA emergency response teams called into action

- FEMA’s emergency responders move coffins to disaster sites

- FEMA’s emergency responders begin the process of opening and organizing camps, or concentration camps to contain both terrorists and those viewed as infected

- FEMA comes under Homeland Security secret and top secret regulations that more or less gives FEMA members a license to kill in the wake of a clear and present danger to the nation

In general, the view from FEMA officials is “if we don’t do this dirty work. Who will?”

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There is a view that when Americans are faced with no food and water, and no shelter and no gas to run their cars, they will accept whatever the government tells them to do.  For example, this point of view and harsh reality has always been the case during the world wars.  In turn, the view from conspiracy theorists is FEMA and the U.S. government should be more forthcoming about such things as having coffins on hand in case of a disaster or enemy attack.

However, the conspiracy theorists do not work for the federal government.  They do not understand that the freedoms they enjoy as citizens do not apply during a national state of war or during a serious national disaster, state FEMA officials when discussing conspiracy points of view with the PBS TV program Frontline in 2012.  Also, the conspiracy theorists seem naïve about war and disaster in general because people die during wars and natural disasters.  At the same time, the media is drawn to conspiracy theories about FEMA because most people are ignorant about how America works today in the wake of 9/11.  It is called the Patriot Act.  Overall, the federal government views national security concerns as trumping First Amendment rights.

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